HHO generator, Hydrogen Fuel Saving

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Reduce consumption as a food gas diesel cars

Hydrogen HHO Generator

For some years, especially overseas are mounted on car and truck engines typically the so-called HHO CELLS to reduce consumption of any engine, whether it is diesel, gasoline or already gas (LPG and CNG).
But what exactly are these power HHO we in Italy is not yet clear, point by point, explain what they are and how they work.

HHO gas

It is the name by which you call the gas mixture that is obtained by splitting the water molecule is then composed of 2 parts by volume Hydrogen and Oxygen
This hho is thus a stoichiometric mixture of Hydrogen highly flammable and oxygen, burning the course ' HHO returns to the same amount of water you had before.

What are the characteristics of gas hho

This gas being highly flammable and has already stoichiometric mixture burns very well, with zero emissions, but what makes it special is the fact that it can be added to normal fuel Drastically reduces CONSUMPTION

Why then do not use the hydrogen normally?

It has long been trying to produce cars for hydrogenBut the problem remains to win transport, it 'spure hydrogen needs cylinders enormous and extremely massive able to compress a lot, potersene only way to bring back the minimum to make a few hundred kilometers, with high costs.
Also, if burned alone in a 4-stroke engine like our cars to prevent the occurrence of ignition (knocking) should greatly reduce the compression ratio, a parameter of fundamental importance for a good engine performance, Which falls so much.
In summary it is too expensive and requires specially designed cars and engines.

Pontedera is testing the FIAT Multipla fired with a mix of methane and hydrogen respectively 70% and 30% to overcome the difficult management of combustion of pure hydrogen, but they are problems of cylinders and supplies

What then is a cell hho

In summary these cells hhoWhich are nothing more than the HYDROGEN GENERATORS laptops, circumvents the problem of transportation, since within these cells-generator, the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen on the spot, according to the principle of 'electrolysis.
No one has even then a pipe under pressure cylinders it.

The thing that makes it really interesting that the above and that these cells with very little water (2-3 liters), Produce hydrogen already mixed with its combustion oxygen into the proper relationship with a power consumption similar to a normal stereo.


generatore di idrogeno hho degli anni 20


The decrease consumption of gasoline or dieselUp to 40% with HHO cells

So we can inject hho gas in our engine, without it changed the carburetor, all motors can be powered by hydrogen! And theres no need to change!

As we said before there is also the problem that 'pure hydrogen is difficult to handle in the combustion, but here gas is added to the normal fuel car (Which is not modified in any way).
The gas hho we're going to inject, improves the combustion of our engine and consequently the thermodynamic efficiency, and it is here that RIPARMIA, polluting much less!

But from where comes the energy needed to produce hydrogen
Combustion, that before could not burn all the fuel injected now that you do so, reducing the emission of black smoke and unburned hydrocarbons, but also generates more power with the same fuel as before, paying off plenty of energy expenditure incurred to produce hydrogen.
The energy from the alternator and then subtract from the engine to charge the battery that powers the cell is more than you get by burning 'hydrogen product, but the hydrogen burned with our normal fuel so improves the performance of our engine to repay the energy costs borne, in fact it consumes much less.


In summary, because mounting an HHO cell on your car?

There are many environmental benefits that may be enough, but you do it because the Reduces consumption,
20 to 40%, thus consuming much less pay for themselves quickly spending to mount the equipment, which costs about 900 euros.

Other benefits of the HHO / Hydrogen


  • The system costs less than a LPG or CNG and will save even more
  • It also works on diesel or LPG or CNG already doubling the ripsarmio!
  • No changes to the car
  • It's good for cars boats trucks generators, everything that has a motor
  • And 'little cumbersome
  • Less expensive than LPG

Will mount as an LPG system on a diesel engine, which already is 20km with a liter and it will reach 28, 33! But instead of 1200-1300 euro a gas it costs 900, also, you can also attach both to have a car fuel consumption really ridiculous.

I tried for a long time to build a house, and my knowledge of mechanics and electronics that are not basic ... after finishing the soldering iron to build and edit the various cells that continued to have the same problem, or after heat up a bit I decided to buy one already done.

If you also want to mount one or want more information on its operation or installation contact to fabio@maxicross.it or 3470716491I will tell you what to do if you try DIY and also to turn for buy a hho generator already up and running.
I live near Pisa, PontederaIf you want to come visit or seek help in achieving your generator call me.

Guys we are talking about "reduce consumption"So you have to inform you that at least good looking hho on youtube and if you know a bit of English you'll see some beautiful, Computing and save!


PDF version of the page

Italian version of the page

Data sheet generator hydrogen to reduce consumption

How to choose a hho generator for sale

The sizing of the generator is made based on% of hydrogen we want to be present in the original fuel, not theres a detailed report, but we have seen that should not fall below certain%, otherwise consumers will not fall as expected, but if he puts too much reduction in consumption does not justify 'costs to increase HHO generator.

Why are produced three sizes of generator, small engine, medium and large, with the possible option of mounting 2 in particular applications.

What interests us in the choice of the generator is hourly fuel consumptionAnd given that the average of sets with approximately 200g of oil per KW / h, the smaller model is more than enough.
The combustine oil because of higher viscosity (which gives rise to larger droplets from nozzles) and most self-ignition temperature than diesel makes the performance drops slightly (for other reasons such as energy content, etc. ...)
It is said that derive even greater benefits with dal'additivazione hhoJust because the hho helps bring back the burning and fifth most evident in his presence where the combustion engine is not quite optimal.

In any case, before making a purchase might be more accurate if you tell me what engine you speak, or at least adopt injection system.
The generator absorbs a maximum of 30 amps at a voltage of 12v, then 360W.
Through a relay turns off the generator with the generator, so no absorption if the generator is off and turns on with him.
The water can create at home with distilled water and caustic soda (with 2 euro if it takes a kg at the supermarket is enough for many liters) for those who are unfamiliar to us we can provide.

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HHO cell first test, water darkens after a while .... I believe oxide dissolved

cella per fare idrogeno - generatore hho



First version electrodes for the cell, half the positive to negative goal sfalzati

come costruire una cella HHO



Vsiata cutting edges of the cell to produce hydrogen hho

elettrodi per generatore d'idrogeno


These are the tests I did years ago when you find it

A few months ago I read that if we put in the intake manifold a little hydrogenThe engine burns so 'much better fuel its original spending enargetica supported (the engine) to produce hydrogen is well balanced, there is indeed a significant gain in performance.

Intrigued I built a electrolytic cell and I connected to the battery of my car, that because of current consumption has been a sharp drop in idle.

But when I pumped the gas (a mixture of H and O that stecchiometrica hho) Air filter in the machine has been taken place, but unfortunately soon after the cell was heated to melt ....

So even if cell function remains to solve the rpblema tempeatura, for which I have yet to find economic solutions and compact ...

You can read a lot about quetso the following link: http://www.energeticambiente.it/index.php

After repairing the cell I was afraid to push it in the boot and try it, so 'I tried to feed it with a 1000W generator, hoping to measure the time it was lit with the same amount of gasoline and the same user attacked (a fan) with and without HHO cellUnfortunately, however, the cell absorbs much of 1000W and generatorino not make it to nourish it, it switches off ....

I hope soon to have a more powerful generator and a good transformer to carry power from AC to continue serving as the electrolytic cell, just got the new place.


After many tests with the electrodes that I had built for my HHO generator, Ie a cell formed by about 15 stainless steel plates, plates 15cm x 5cm thick 1.5 mm to 1.5 mm apart, connected to a positive one to negative to positive a ect ... until the end.
Then the plates so made without any electrolyte could already absorb much current, too, because the cell overheats.

The HHO cell temperature increases because an electric charge to move the water it must carry or 6 molecules of H2O or an ion (ie half a molecule of salt that we have dissolved).
The friction generated among these particles that rub on a 'other generates heat and therefore loss of efficiency, as part of'energy that the cell receives HHO from the battery instead of produce hydrogen generates heat that we do not care, so to minimize the internal friction we use the smallest vehicle possible between the two options that I listed first win of the Sali, as an ion is extremely smaller than 6 molecules of water flowing much better.

My cell with distilled water already absorbed too much current warming too if we add an ion while increasing the performance was to absorb massive amounts of current, and thus was not usable, maybe good for a truck.

I decided then to only connect the first plate to the positive, Leaving unchanged those connected to the negative, but among them, those that were related to positive now are free, in fact the electromagnetic fields that are generated to ensure that even those plates actually we have a voltage appliedSummarize, if before each plate had a voltage of 12V, now only the negative ones have a voltage of 12 volts, the ATRE have a fraction of that if we add up all reach 12V I provide only the first (about 1.5 volts each).

Now HHO cell in distilled water consumes less than 120W a value that I like, HHO cell does not heat more Although ions in water because it absorbs the power is very limited.

Enhancing it a bit I tried to add some salt (also acids and bases), we exclude all those who once dissolved compounds may generate hazardous gases or corrosive hydrochloric acid and then by salt, HCl and NaCl, respectively, that separate into H + and Cl-and Na + Cl-, the problem of these molecules is that Cl-binds to its similar size Cl2 a very corrosive gas that will end in our motor.
Without it long KHO or NaOH are the bestThen go to your hardware stores and buy caustic soda, which produces no hazardous gas (OH-and Na +).

Finally, there is the problem Hydrogen that we came so hard to produce is very activeOr does not want to stay but want to bind H2. And 'why we want it because it binds so well to others by helping to bind oxygen even better fuel our original, but hydrogen is fine steel is made with our engine!
Once the steel is alloyed with hydrogen becomes much more fragile.
But I believe that given the small amount that we are going to be treated there are no hazards to worry about.excessively, otherwise the pioneers of this technology there would have already spoken, the theres the problem when a car goes only to hydrogen.


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Today, March 4, 2010 on "Tyrrhenian", local newspaper about Tuscan Energy Acta company that invented a hydrogen generator food with which you can bike, truck, etc. ...

The article is a bit vague, but suggests a hho generatorHere I put the ink in Article online but not complete, then writing under the most interesting part:

The kit for the car door been producing hydrogen directly in cars.
Works well, one part distilled water enters the tank in that type of washer fluid, liquid falling through a closed circuit.
From another opening out instead the hydrogen has to be combined through the normal intake air with the mixture of air and fuel allowing energy risarmio immediately.

Here we are talking about an IHL HHO generator! We hope to be able to market them made some serious article!

Here link to read the article on-line hydrogen generator, tomorrow I put the scan of the complete article, really interesting.

For those curious this is how it is used in hydrogen cars, cell fuell, and those with hydrogen internal combustion engine ever (Select from left menu).


I tried to find out about their hydrogen generator (HHO) and I have so kindly responded:

Mr. Gent.mo Ancients
I apologize for the delayed response due to problems with our mail server.
Thank you for your interest in our products and our company.
Inform you that the kit car of his interest is in development.
Preliminary tests indicate fuel economy is about 20% with considerable reduction in particulate (Up to 50%).
I invite you to check back later, or if you prefer, visit our site where we'll list the marketing of that kit.
Enclosed is a brochure may be illustrative of our products.
Remain at your disposal for further information.
Yours sincerely

Also as stated I have sent the informational brochures on their hydrogen generators.

Very friendly, helpful but I do not sell what I try ....